Custom design for LILY

Custom design for LILY

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My terms for payment are 50% of highest estimated cost up front, with the balance paid before shipping of the final product.


Design Fee - $25/hr - x6 hours = $150

Includes up to 2 consultations with you, where I can make changes or modifications to the design, if necessary. You will receive a high resolution jpeg or png of the design upon completion and you may use/duplicate it for personal use, but may not re-sell it in any form.

Estimated Product/Merchandise Costs - $10/ea - x9 = $90

Zip pouches are approximately 9"x6", with top zipper, unlined, woven poly-cotton fabric. 


TOTAL Project Estimate: $240. 

**Due now:** 50% deposit upfront: $120

Balance + additional time and product costs (if applicable) + SHIPPING due upon project completion and before shipping to client. A separate custom order will be created for payment of the balance, once the project is complete.