About Me

Everything tells a story. This is mine!

At the end of 2015, I found myself in a new(ish) city, jobless, and alone.
It wasn't exactly how I had imagined things.
Despite feeling as though I'd lost everything, I still had a few faithful standbys:
my three cats, my salty humour, and a healthy supply of vino.
One can really do a lot with those.

I decided to fully embrace my #catlady ways,
and one night, fuelled by shiraz, candlelight, and my own unresolved feelings,
I created my first colouring page.

It said "F*@& You" in puffy, uneven script,
and to this day it remains half-coloured with lime green marker,
in a moldy moleskin under my bed (where else?).
But great ideas have to start somewhere, and I figured I was on to something.

Believe it or not, in the past, I was never a huge fan of the adult colouring craze.
I love art; I hate meditating. Adult colouring seemed way too 'zen' to me.
I knew a few things:
OTHER people LOVED colouring,
I liked creating things,
and EVERYONE loves swearing (Admit it. It's OK.)
I figured, "heck, why not just mush it all together and see what happens?" 

I'd been inspired by other sweary colouring art
(it's a whole THING, people)...
but I wasn't satisfied with just creating colouring pages.
I wanted something more USEFUL. 

Since I've moved about a billion times,
I know how simple spaces can be transformed with a few well-curated throw pillows
(spaces can also be transformed with not-so-well-curated throw pillows, too. No judgements!)
Throw pillows are super useful (and stylish).
Angry, sweary colouring is useful for working through "all the feels"...
and so, spurred on by friends, felines, and various fine wines,
I created "It's OK. It's ART." 

Because It's [going to be] OK. 
And It's [usually better with] ART. 

I hope my designs make you laugh, help you think, keep you grounded,
and maybe even help you work through those f*@&ing awful feelings
you might have knocking about.
Try it with wine. It worked for me. ;)