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DIY Workshop Package (for 8)
DIY Workshop Package (for 8)
DIY Workshop Package (for 8)
DIY Workshop Package (for 8)
DIY Workshop Package (for 8)
DIY Workshop Package (for 8)
DIY Workshop Package (for 8)
DIY Workshop Package (for 8)
DIY Workshop Package (for 8)

DIY Workshop Package (for 8)

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You're the smartest!! You've decided to plan a get-together with friends where you can colour, create, laugh, and enjoy. Brilliant! By ordering a DIY Workshop package you can save up to 50% off retail prices! S.M.R.T. 

THIS WORKSHOP PACKAGE IS FOR EIGHT (8) PARTICIPANTS. You will receive 8 pillow covers, 4 marker packs, and Colouring Tips & Tricks cards. 

Here are some helpful steps to get started: 

1. Choose to host a group event, party, or gathering. It will be so much fun! This is a creative idea and your friends will love it. 

2. Surf the website and have your participants choose their favourite design. This way, you don't have to be a mind-reader, and everyone gets exactly what they want. Alternately, buy whatever you want and bend your friends to your will. I'm open to it. Ha! 

3. Add your workshop package to your cart & checkout. In the "Add a Note" section, tell me which designs you would like me to include (example: Bite Me! x4, Stay Magical x1, Zero Fucks Given X3). Shipping costs & taxes will be automatically calculated at checkout.  You can also choose "FREE Local Shipping" if you would like to pick up your order in Hamilton, ON. 

4.  That's it! You're the smartest! Some folks like to pair their adult workshop packs with wine, beer, or other adult beverages, but this is totally optional, and not recommended for participants under 19 years of age (in Ontario).  For kids, try Fanta. I hear it's all the rage internationally.  

You can choose from the designs below: 

  • Anything Is Pawsible
  • Because I Said So
  • Bah Humbug
  • Bite Me
  • Bollocks
  • Boss Lady
  • Calm Your Tits
  • Classy But I Swear A Little
  • Couchella 2020
  • Eat A Bag of Dicks
  • Festive As Fuck
  • Fuck Cancer
  • Go Elf Yourself
  • Go Jump In The Lake
  • Holy Crab
  • I Fucking Love You
  • I Tried To Give Up Swearing But I Cunt
  • I Washed Up Like This
  • Life's A Beach
  • Llama Get My Shit Together
  • Love Is Love
  • Maybe Swearing Will Help
  • Merry & Bright
  • More Wine
  • Namaste In Bed
  • Owl You Need Is Love
  • Procraftinator
  • So Fucking #Blessed
  • Stay Magical
  • Trashy
  • Twat Waffle
  • Wanker
  • You Are Dino-Mite!
  • You've Got This Shit
  • Zen As Fuck
  • Zero Fucks Given

*** DIY Workshop Packages do not include a pillow insert/form/stuffing. Pillow inserts are available to order here: https://itsokitsart.com/products/pillow-insert ***